Girly Beach Themed Cake

Surf's Up With This Beach Birthday Cake

beach themed cake

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I made this beach themed cake for my daughter’s 9th birthday party. She wanted to plan her party around the 2011 American Girl doll of the Year (who is from Hawaii), so I knew a beach birthday cake was the way to go.

I didn’t necessarily want to make it an American Girl birthday cake, but I did want to incorporate some of the ideas from the doll and book. I knew I wanted a surf board, shaved ice stand and flip flops on the beach cake. I thought all of those items would be easy enough to make. If I added some graham cracker crumbs I knew I would have the look of the beach.

Supplies Needed

  • 2 round 8-inch cake pans

  • Favorite cake recipe

  • Favorite filling

  • Fondant

  • Gum glue

  • 4 cups frosting

  • Wilton tips #10, #18 and #127

  • 10-inch cake board covered in Fanci-Foil or fondant

  • Graham cracker crumbs

  • Edible marker

  • 3 wooden skewers


First: Make Your Fondant Decorations

Begin by making your fondant decorations at least a week in advance so they have time to dry. I made a shaved ice stand, surf board, beach ball, flip flops and flowers, which I thought made a simple cake into a beach themed cake.

beach themed cake

To make the shaved ice stand, take approximately a 2-inch round ball of fondant and tint it pink.

beach themed cake

Shape the ball into a rectangle. This will be the bottom of your stand.

beach themed cake

Tint a very small piece of fondant blue and cut into a small rectangle. Using an edible marker, write Shaved Ice on the rectangle.

beach themed cake

Using gum glue or water attach the sign to the bottom of the stand.

beach themed cake

Stick two skewers through the bottom of the stand and out of the top. The sticks should come out of the top to allow the roof to be attached and out of the bottom, so the stand can be attached firmly to the cake. Allow the stand to dry for several days.

Next, take approximately a 1-inch round ball of fondant and tint it brown. Take a small amount and cover the wooden skewers that are coming out of the top of the shaved iced stand.

beach themed cake

Roll the rest of the brown fondant into a worm shape. Using a wooden skewer, make an indentation by rolling the skewer back and forth. This will form the roof of your shaved ice stand. Allow it to dry at least one day.

beach themed cake

Attach the roof to the top of the skewer with gum glue. Allow to dry for several more days.

beach themed cake

To make the flip flops, cut out two small circles with your smallest fondant circle cutter. Tint the fondant brown. Roll one circle into a ball and then shape into the form of a flip flop. With a toothpick, make a small hole (don’t go all the way through the fondant) at the top center and two sides of the flip flop for the strap. The hole at the top should be bigger because two ends of strap will need to fit inside.

Tint a small amount of fondant blue and roll into a worm shape. Cut in two pieces. Using gum glue attach one piece at a time to the flip flop, inserting one end into the hole at the top and the other end to the hole in the side. Do the same with the other strap on the other side. Repeat for the other flip flop. Allow both to dry several days.

To make the beach ball, tint a 1-inch ball pink. Roll into smooth ball. Tint a small amount of fondant a coordinating color. Using Wilton tip #10, cut small dots of fondant. Attach the dots using gum glue or water. Allow to dry.

To make a surf board, tint a 2-inch ball of fondant dark blue. Tint a 1-inch ball light blue. Take the large ball and shape into a surf board form. Take the small fondant and shape it into a thin oval. Using gum glue attach to the surf board. Stick a wooden skewer or popsicle stick into the middle of the surf board so it will be easy to stick to the cake. Allow it to dry for several days.

Make any other decorations you want on the cake. I cut out some fondant flowers and made a 9. Adding flowers can really make this beach themed cake into a girl birthday cake.

Next: Bake Your Beach Birthday Cake

Bake your favorite cake recipe in the two 8-inch pans according to the recipe directions. Be sure to spray with nonstick baking spray so the cake will easily come out of the pan. After the cake is done baking, cool at least 10 minutes before removing the cake from the pan. Cool completely.

Fill and frost your cake.

Crumble graham crackers into small crumbs. No beach themed cake is complete without the "sand".

beach themed cake

Make your bottom border of the cake to resemble the waves. First, using Wilton tip #21, pipe a shell border. Next using the large Wilton tip 127, make your wave border with a small up and down motion. When making the border the narrow end faces down. This is similar to a ruffle border.

Finally: Put Your Beach Themed Cake All Together

beach themed cake

Sprinkle the graham cracker crumbs on the top of the cake. Don’t cover it completely. Let some of the blue ocean be seen.

beach themed cake

Arrange the shaved ice stand, surf board, flip flops and beach ball on top.

beach themed cake

Add flowers and any other decorations.

This is a beach themed cake that is easy to put together. Add different fondant decorations for a different look.

beach themed cake

To make things fun, make a grass skirt out of paper and attach it to the cake plate. Add graham cracker crumbs to the cake plate before setting the cake on top. Serve this beach cake at any beach party.

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