Girly Girl Baby Shower Cake

Brown and Pink Themed Cake

girl baby shower cake

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A pink cake makes a wonderful girl baby shower cake. This cake was made for my sister-in-law’s baby shower. Her color scheme for the shower and for the baby’s nursery decorations was brown and pink. It was a perfect choice of colors to go along with a delicious chocolate cake, the favorite cake flavor of the mother-to-be.

The baby shower cake ideas I wanted to include on the cake (to go along with the shower theme) were the basket weave technique, cradle and draped fondant blanket. I had fun making the cake and nothing was too difficult.

Supplies Needed

  • 10-inch square cake pan

  • 8-inch oval cake pan

  • 12-inch square cake board

  • 8-inch oval cake board

  • Cake recipes

  • Frosting

  • Gum glue

  • Wilton tips #10, #18 and #127

  • Wooden dowels

  • Edible ink marker

  • Wavy fondant cutter

  • Fondant

  • Heart fondant cutter

  • Plant wire (found at cake decorating supply shops)


girl baby shower cakegirl baby shower cake

Bake the square and oval cakes. Cool, fill and frost each one. Lightly frost the oval cake since it will be covered in a basket weave design.

girl baby shower cake

Pipe a basket weave design on sides of the oval cake.

girl baby shower cake

Tint a small ball of fondant flesh color. Roll and cut a round shape for the baby’s face. Tint very small balls of fondant blue for eyes, yellow for hair, and red for mouth. Use tip #10 to cut two small eyes in blue. Flatten slightly. Use gum glue to attach to baby’s face. Use black edible ink marker to make the pupils.

Use tip #10 and cut a small nose out of the flesh colored fondant. Use gum glue to attach. Roll two small eyebrows and attach with gum glue.

Roll out a red mouth and attach with gum glue.

Roll out 3 or 4 yellow “hairs”.

Place the baby face on top of the oval cake in the position you want it. Add the baby’s hair.

girl baby shower cake

Take the plant wire and measure height you want your bassinet cover to be. My wire was about 6 inches long. Stick one end in the cake, bend the wire and stick the other end in the cake forming an arch.

girl baby shower cake

Tint fondant pink, roll and then with the oval cake pan, cut out fondant which will be the blanket over the bassinet.

girl baby shower cake

Cut several small hearts out of coordinating fondant color. Attach to blanket with gum glue. Allow the blanket to dry for a few minutes. Drape the blanket over the plant wire.

Pipe the basket weave on the top of the cake below the baby’s head. A basket weave looks so good on a girl baby shower cake, especially with pink icing.

Cut out an 8-inch square of fondant for the blanket. Cut coordinating colored hearts from fondant. Attach to blanket with gum glue. The hearts really make this girl baby shower cake look so feminine.

girl baby shower cake

Drape the blanket over the oval cake and shape it to look like a blanket covering a baby.

Cut 5 wooden dowels so they just fit through and are level with the top of the 10-inch square cake. Place the 5 dowels in the square cake in the location the oval cake will be placed on top. The dowels will give the cake stability and keep it from collapsing from the weight of the top cake.

Place the oval cake at an angle on top of the square cake.

girl baby shower cake

Using Wilton tip #18, pipe a shell border around the bottom of the square cake, covering the cake board completely.

girl baby shower cake

Use tip #127 to make a ruffle border.

girl baby shower cake

Using the same two tips, make a ruffle border on the bottom of the oval cake.

girl baby shower cake

Place fondant hearts around the cake in an attractive design.

girl baby shower cake

Your girl baby shower cake is finished. Change the look of this cake by changing colors, borders or fondant cutouts. Check back often to find more baby shower cake ideas.

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